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10th 4EC Teachers Training

'YES!' | July 12th – 16th, 2021 - NationalparkCamp Lobau, Vienna

Welcome to curious, open-minded pedagogues, from all over Europe … who enjoy to be offered innovative methods of best practice and to give holistic outdoor education a trial!

'4EC Teachers trainings' with Prof. Gerhard Hofer open up exciting views!  You also get personally involved by effective methods of self-awareness and run through them by yourself!

The 'European Evocative Environmental Educators' Conference', shortly called '4EC', puts an emphasis on exchanging experiences with European colleagues in future orientated outdoor pedagogics

… with a variety of topics, like the pedagogical concept 'Fresh A.I.R.', a best-practice workshop in a facility and a thrilling team experience in search of the wilderness outside & inside!

10th 4EC Teachers Training
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