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Tief durchatmen … in der Natur entfalten!
Erlebnisorientierte Outdoor-Angebote der UmweltBildungAustria

Welcome to curious, open-minded students
aged 14 to 18, from all over Europe who are
deeply motivated to experience wilderness,
to get new friends and enjoy tenting!

The motto of the 11th ‚EuroTeens Camp‘ calls on
you to take a deep breath in fresh air and have
a curious look at the diversity of wilderness.

You are also invited to get familiar with
ecological, social and cultural issues of the
European Union and to express yourself in
an authentic way by ‚Young European Solidarity‘!

Past experiences prove that the green ambience
by the National Park and the modern facilities
in the NationalparkCamp Lobau support easy
living together and send good vibrations.

Striking up conversation in a challenging
strategy game and enjoying creative workshops
and thrilling adventures comes naturally at
the relaxed atmosphere in our ‚EuroTeens Camp‘.

Young people, aged 14 to 18, and their teachers
from all over Europe are cordially invited.
The programme is provided for 8-10 persons
per delegation. Each participant has only to come
up for travelling cost and a catering contribution
of € 98,- for 5 days.  Bring along your sleeping bag,
a tent… and high spirits!

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Tief durchatmen in den Ferien, in der Natur
entfalten und kreativ gestalten ist für neugierige
PädagogInnen aus Österreich und Ländern
der EU das Leitthema der internationalen
Fortbildungsangebote ‚4EC Teachers Training
2020 & 2021′.

„Welcome to curious, open-minded pedagogues
from Austria and all over Europe, who enjoy
to be offered innovative methods of best practice
and to give holistic outdoor education a try!“

Each participant of the 4EC Conference has only
to come up for the travelling costs and a contribution
to catering costs of € 98. Bring along your
sleeping bag and enjoy a ‚wilderness‘-experience!

We cordially invite you to spend the nights
in group tents or in one of our unique, wooden
‚CampLodges‘. Should you like it more comfortable,
we help you to rent a room nearby!

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